Action Plan

  • To continue the research work as per areas identified by the NITI Aayog
  • To uptake any assignment as suggested/ given by the NITI Aayog
  • Research and dissemination of knowledge created should be main thrust of the Centre.
  • Sponsored Research Projects can be undertaken on wider scale and inter-disciplinary subjects fulfilling the object of the NITI Aayog.
  • Collaborative as well as interdisciplinary work to be undertaken and collaboration can be undertaken inter-college or universities as well as with outside Indian institutions in including foreign universities.
  • Capacity building of the research students and teachers through the provision of library and data base support, organizing summer or winter training programmes.
  • To invite regular visit by internationally reputed scholars in the subject and allied areas from within and outside India for the exchange and development of new ideas and promotion of good collaborative work.
  • To develop comprehensive data base for India and world economy and for sustainable development at local and regional.
  • To organize and host conferences and seminars
  • To continue the publication of research papers conducted in the Centre
  • Mobilizing resources and collaborating with agencies for research work
  • To actively participate in the programmes/Meetings organized by the NITI Aayog & undertake assignment entrusted to the Centre.
  • Undertaking Impact evaluation programme.
  • Continuation of the programme “Swabalamban” [Earning while Learning].
  • Publication of Working papers
  • Publication of Edited Book
Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay

Professor Arjun Sengupta and Dr. I.G.Patel, the then Economic Advisors to the Government of India were instrumental and the main architect in establishing a unit of the erstwhile Planning Commission in Visva-Bharati to undertake research and supply inputs to the erstwhile Planning Commission in 1995.. The eminent economists of India reached a consensus to the proposal of Professor Arjun Sengupta that this Unit would be named after Professor A.K.Dasgupta.

Professor Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay


  • Undertaking research work on Rural Development, Women and Child Development, Women Empowerment, Rural Health, Agriculture, Impact assessment of various Government sponsored programmes in social sector.